Tony Patterson Celebrates 25 Years

March 10, 2023

Tony Patterson, Service Technician for Damuth Trane’s Westside Service Team recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with the company this month. Tony has been working in the HVAC industry since 1995 and decided to relocate to the area and join Damuth Trane in 1998 as a Service Technician after encouragement from past Damuth associate Chuck Hudler.

Service Technicians at Damuth Trane are responsible for operating, repairing, and maintaining a variety of equipment, from chilled water systems to computerized building management systems and everything in between. With safety being the top priority for all Damuth Trane’s field technicians, they are required to undergo many safety trainings and ensure proper procedures are being followed while both in and out of the field. Over the past 25 years, Tony has undergone countless training courses and received several certifications to maintain his knowledge and skillset as a Service Technician.

Over the last 25 years with the company, Tony has become passionate about mentoring new technicians starting in the field, helping lead Damuth technician trainings and acting as a source of assistance and advice for his newer service team members when they need troubleshooting in the field. On being a mentor, Tony said: “Back when I started my career, I was taught to do right by the customer and the company and always do the right thing – I think that’s important to pass on to future technicians. I really appreciate every person who has mentored me over the years and I’m proud to have the opportunity to be a mentor myself and watch technicians become the best they can be.”

 John Tucker, Westside Service Team Leader said of Tony: “Tony is an intelligent, resourceful, and hard-working technician whom I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with not only as a leader but alongside him as a technician as well.  His efforts have made a lasting impact on Damuth’s success over the last 25 years which I’m sure will continue for many more years to come.”

Tony resides in the Great Bridge area of Chesapeake. In his free time, he enjoys hunting and riding recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs. When discussing his experience at Damuth Trane, Tony expressed: “We have great leadership here at Damuth Trane and I’ve grown to appreciate that over the years with this company as well as the good relationships I have maintained. My personal belief is if you’re not struggling with something then you’re not learning – I love to see new equipment and technology being released in the market. There’s always something new to learn!”