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Create an Energy-Independent Building

Thermal energy storage works by collecting, storing, and discharging heating and cooling energy to shift building electrical demand to optimize energy costs, resiliency, and or carbon emissions. It gives you the ability to store and recover thermal energy, as well as charge or discharge based on operational needs, utility rates/programs, availability of renewable resources, etc.

Thermal energy storage can also be used in conjunction with other comprehensive energy services to further optimize your energy supply and demand, essentially turning your building into a virtual power plant. 

Benefits of Thermal Energy Storage

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Thermal energy storage is a reliable, cost-effective solution for off-setting the inevitable utility peaks during periods of high-demand.
Here are some of most impactful benefits of thermal energy storage for commercial buildings:

  • Lower cooling and heating costs
  • Decarbonize
  • Improve grid and building resiliency
  • Support renewable energy sources like wind and solar
  • Ability to participate in grid capacity and demand limit revenue programs


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