Optimize Building Performance

With our Intelligent Services, you get energy management systems and services that facilitate monitoring, analysis, alerts, reporting, tracking and data visualization of your building and system information. These technology-based energy management services help you assess building performance, with ongoing support and consultation from our team. We transform your building data into intelligence, and that intelligence into actionable insights to optimize performance and business outcomes — to impact your bottom line.

We will work with you to assess building data and develop a plan that fits your needs. The result is a complete energy management solution tailored to your needs to deliver improved building performance, sustainable operations and reduced operating costs.

Intelligent Services provides a range of options that are scalable to your specific needs and budget. With ongoing support and expertise from us, you can reach your building’s potential in energy efficiency, reliability and occupant comfort.

Remote Services

We offer remote support, so clients can remotely access and maintain building systems and equipment. If onsite service is necessary, this will provide technicians with gathered data and information to expedite service and communicate safely. 

Building Performance

Analyzes data and equipment behavior in the context of the overall system to see what’s happening in your building, unleashing the power of building data to uncover hidden information and opportunities for improvement. With ongoing analysis and recommended actions for improvement from our team, you get proactive, data-driven insights and solutions to help keep your building running optimally.

Energy Assessment

Identifies how your building uses energy, providing a baseline of building performance that shows the potential for improvement. We utilize advanced tools to visualize and measure your building’s energy profile in a way that transforms data into meaningful information, to help you identify and monetize impactful energy projects for sustained results. Those same tools provide information to validate and track the impact of your actions.

Energy Performance

A cloud-based building energy management system (BEMS) designed to uncover energy waste in every corner of your building. Our advanced technology can help you make smarter, cost-effective decisions about the way you manage and maintain your building.


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"We have had a great partnership with Damuth Trane. The technical support I’ve received from their service team has been second-to-none. All the jobs we have worked with them on have been clean, professional, and well-coordinated. I’m thankful that Damuth has embraced our building’s goals and helped keep us up to date with the latest controls and the training our team needs."

Brian L. Newbern, Sr., Facility Inspector
City of Suffolk Capital Programs & Buildings
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