Retrofit Solutions

Buildings are living, breathing organisms and sometimes they need to change to accommodate growth or to achieve energy savings. We have a team in place to partner with you through every step of a project.

5 Step Process:

  1. Building Owner Requirements
  2. Design
  3. Installation
  4. Training
  5. Hand-off

We take time to understand your goals and design an energy savings approach to exceed needs. Our in-house project team is with you throughout the HVAC retrofitting installation phase to ensure that the project goes smoothly. Once the HVAC retrofitting project is complete, our team can provide on-site commercial HVAC training for newly installed HVAC equipment and controls. Finally, we can hand-off the project to you completely or develop a plan for on-going service to achieve all operation and energy goals.

Project Types:

Howard Kanare, President

“The Damuth Trane team expedited the manufacturing and installation of a replacement coil, and our plant is now running with temperature and humidity under control.  Their attention to detail, customer focus, professionalism and rapid success was outstanding!”

Howard Kanare, President
Koster Waterproofing Systems
Bob, BAS Estimator

“Damuth Trane’s Shared Values Program promotes a professional work environment. I enjoy working with a team of professionals where the focus is to provide the proper solution and the best value for the client.”

Bob, BAS Estimator
Damuth Trane

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