Shedding Pounds for a Great Cause

August 15, 2014

Damuth Trane was excited to jump right into our annual weight loss challenge at the strike of New Year 2014. During a 25 week period participants were encouraged to better their nutrition and exercise habits to reach their personal weight loss goal. We had a total of 9 associates participate in this year’s challenge. Each participant pledged $50, and set their weight loss goal; minimum 10lbs for ladies and minimum 20lbs for men. If participants met their weight loss goal, they were able to share in the prize pool money, and if not, participants had to pay depending on how close they were to their goal. On final weigh in day, July 25, 2014, no one reached 100% of their weight loss goal, but Jay Wargo came the closest, reaching 96% of his goal. The total weight lost between all the participants was 66 pounds lost. Damuth Trane donated $300 to get the prize pool started and in addition, donated $1 per pound lost by the group into the prize money. Since no one reached 100% of their goal, we were able to donate the total prize pool amount of $697 to the Southeastern Virginia Food Bank!! Pictured Left to Right: Anna Tucker, Damuth Trane Marketing Communications Coordinator, Abby Weber, Community Engagement Manager with the Foodbank, and Shalynn Phillips, Damuth Trane Account Coordinator