Recent Renovations Made to Damuth Trane Office Encourage Associate Wellness

October 28, 2019

On Monday, October 21, Damuth Trane hosted an internal ribbon cutting and grand re-opening of its Employee Fitness Center. The improvements made to the fitness center included new flooring, paint, and updated gym equipment consisting of a brand-new exercise bike and multi-station weight machine.

After the ribbon-cutting, associates were provided healthy snacks and branded giveaways to kick off the open enrollment season and celebrate the updated fitness center. Team members were also available to provide demonstrations on the new equipment to encourage proper technique and prevention of exercise-related injuries.

Along with interior renovations, Damuth Trane’s main office underwent exterior changes earlier this fall with the addition of new Tupelo trees in its parking lot. The company removed the existing mature trees once they began causing damage to the parking lot’s concrete and asphalt. However, they replaced them with new Tupelo trees due to the positive impact that trees have on the environment and air quality.

Studies show that a single tree in just one year can yield approximately 260 pounds of oxygen and absorb as much carbon as a car produces when driven 26,000 miles*, leading to reduced pollution in the air. Trees can also contribute to increased building system efficiency by reducing annual heating and cooling needs by up to one-third. * Since Damuth Trane as a company assists clients in achieving their building efficiency and sustainability goals, it is only fitting that they also consistently take steps to prioritize the same.

Damuth Trane seeks to encourage associates to improve their overall wellness and provides the resources to do so. By the recent renovations made to their fitness center and parking lot, they are continuing their promise to create a healthier working environment for all associates.


*Statistics derived from and its various sources.