Damuth Trane was Featured in Inside Business, The Hampton Roads Business Journal

May 23, 2014

logoDamuth Trane was featured in Inside Business, The Hampton Roads Business Journal on the importance for businesses to have HVAC Plans in place before disaster strikes! Damuth Trane is ready to help your business develop a contingency plan and to help your business become prepared in case of a disruption of power. Hurricane season is right around the corner, and the time is now to begin implementing a plan to keep your facility up in running during emergency situations. In the Inside Business article, Clint Damuth is quoted stating, "Now is a great time for business managers or owners to see if they have a contingency plan in place. Schools, shelters, data centers and most importantly, hospitals, should have a detailed back-up plan to ensure their services can continue uninterrupted in the case of a disaster.” No matter what type of facility you have, Damuth Trane can help you with your temporary cooling needs through Trane Rental Services. Already having a plan in place will help you and your business save thousands of dollars in down time, lost work time and or having to reschedule clients, students and patients. Be sure to check out the full article here http://insidebiz.com/news/damage-control-businesses-hvac-plan-more-likely-survive and see all the options through Trane Rental Services http://www.trane.com/commercial/north-america/us/en/services/rental-services.html . Give us a call today to begin planning your business’s Contingency Plan for the unexpected.