Damuth Trane Supports Event for Children with Cancer

March 10, 2015

Cancer affects the whole family, changing the fabric and the focus of everyday life. During this time, Special Love, a nonprofit organization, offers an unwavering, unconditional community of support through many activities and events. Damuth Trane is proud to be part of the 10th Annual Tidewater Family Weekend sponsored by Special Love scheduled for Friday-Saturday, March 20th - 21st. The event will be held at the Airfield 4-H Conference Center where families can canoe, hike, enjoy crafts and sing around a campfire. It’s open to the immediate family of any cancer patient 17 years old and younger, bereaved families with children 16 and younger, and active BRASS (BRothers And SiSters of children with cancer) families. A team of Damuth associates will attend the event on Saturday; helping the volunteers serve lunch. "I participated last year and the fellowship among these families is incredible," said Phil Damuth, Vice President of Damuth Trane. "The participants are working through a difficult time in their lives. This weekend there will be a lot smiles and laughter as they enjoy activities and reaffirm they're not in this alone." Special Love lets kids be kids, through camps, financial assistance, and a community of support that lets them (and their families) know that they’re not alone in their battle.