Damuth Trane’s Safety Initiatives Pay Off

January 30, 2020

In the realm of safety, 2019 was a good year for Damuth Trane. As of January 1, the company has the lowest recordable Experience Modification Rate (EMR) since 2015. In addition to their EMR decrease, their Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) is at its lowest in nine years. The decreases in EMR and TCIR reflect the commitment to safety Damuth Trane has made which has resulted in minimal jobsite injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

 Damuth Trane’s Environmental Health & Safety Leader, Elizabeth Barnette, has helped find new ways to emphasize their focus on safety since joining the company in early 2018. A member of the ASSP Greater Tidewater Chapter, Barnette was recently awarded the ‘Safety Professional of the Year (SPY)’ by her peers, an award which she was previously honored with in 2012. Additionally, she was awarded the Region VI SPY award in 2014. These awards come as an acknowledgment of her dedication, expertise, and contributions to both the organization and industry in the realm of safety.

 In addition to the above, Damuth Trane was honored with a Platinum award in June 2019 from Associated Builders and Contractors of Virginia’s STEP program (an increase from their previous Silver-level for 2018). Also in 2019, they began participating in the Virginia Challenge program in partnership with Virginia OSHA. They are currently completing phase 1 of 3 to increase the effectiveness of their safety and health management system and to work towards obtaining VPP Star Status.

 Damuth Trane seeks to assist their clients in creating safer job sites and learning best practices through offering complimentary Safety Seminars on a variety of topics throughout the year, led by Elizabeth Barnette. For more information on safety seminars offered at Damuth Trane, contact Bailee Keaton, Client Training Coordinator at bailee.keaton@damuth.com.