Damuth Trane Provides Energy Solutions to Local Navy

September 21, 2011
In Scott Harper's Virginia-Pilot's article, "Many of the military's 'green' tools go unseen" he notes how Damuth Trane is helping the local military meet their energy saving goals. "The projects are part of a federal mandate to go green, to modernize old military bases with energy-efficient technologies, clean alternatives and eco-friendly buildings and materials. The Pentagon is spending about $10 billion a year on the task, intended to save money, promote energy independence, increase national security and protect the environment. For nervous taxpayers, perhaps the nicest element of the Dam Neck project is that a private company, Damuth Trane, paid for it. No public money was spent upfront. Instead, under an "energy savings performance contract," Trane footed all construction costs, with the promise of being paid back by the Navy, including a share of the energy savings, as long as the system continues to operate as advertised. So far it has. And then some."