Damuth Trane Donates Equipment to Tidewater Community College HVAC Training Program

January 23, 2018

Tidewater Community College (TCC) has partnered with Damuth Trane over several years in both the maintenance of multiple campuses and development of HVAC technicians. Recently Damuth Trane donated new, unused heat pump units to TCC for use in their HVAC program lab.  TCC Instructor and HVAC program head Harlan Krepcik was greeted at the Damuth Cavalier Blvd office by Damuth Trane’s Operations Team Leader Bob Gunderson and President Clint Damuth; the team loaded the equipment for delivery to the college’s Portsmouth campus.

Damuth Trane has fostered an ongoing partnership with TCC’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program, which includes students interning at Damuth Trane to fulfill curriculum requirements.  “The real-life work experience gained by Damuth’s TCC interns is a strong career foundation; many interns have evolved into full time Damuth Trane Technicians” remarked Elise Tillie, Damuth Trane Human Resources Team Leader.

“We look forward to our continuing relationship with Tidewater Community College, the bright futures of our interns, and the projects scheduled for the upcoming year. We appreciate the efforts by Mr. Krepcik to continue developing new talent for the HVAC field.” noted Bob Gunderson, Service Operations Team Leader. One of Damuth’s core values is a commitment to helping people grow personally and professionally, and their partnership with TCC is part of that commitment.