Damuth Team Participates in The American Heart Association's HeartChase

June 24, 2014

This year’s American Heart Association’s HeartChase was held on June 21st in Chesapeake, VA! Damuth Trane had a 5 ½ person team to participate in the HeartChase. Kris and Vicky Aldridge along with baby Tristan, Diane Casey, Amber Smith and Trever Tomes all represented Damuth Trane and came in 4th out of the 28 teams!!! The rain held out and it was a great day for the HeartChase! This event took place all around the Chesapeake Medical Park, taking participants through 10 different checkpoint challenges to try and earn the team points. Physical activities as well as health knowledge were used at the different stations. The HeartChase supports the American Heart Association’s goal of helping to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans, building longer and healthier lives and working to reduce deaths from heart disease and stroke. Best of all, this was a fun and interactive way to help our community and the American Heart Association chase away heart disease for good. Great job team!