Barry Quesenberry Retires from Damuth Trane after 34 Years

July 17, 2020

Barry Quesenberry, Lead Technician on Damuth Trane’s Peninsula Team, will be retiring as of July 17, 2020. He joined Damuth Trane in 1986 as a Service Technician with 12 years of industry experience already under his belt. Barry received his associate degree in A/C and Refrigeration from Danville Community College and completed many trainings from Trane, ABB, Johnson Controls, and the National Association of Trane Franchise Holders (among others) over the course of his career. He held his Refrigerant Certification and Master HVAC – Level II License for the state of Virginia.

As a Lead Technician for the Peninsula Team, Barry was responsible for operating, repairing, and maintaining HVAC equipment and building control systems on assigned projects, ensuring client satisfaction throughout. He also served as a mentor to the newer or less seasoned service technicians. With 46 years of HVAC experience, Barry’s Peninsula team members often relied on him to troubleshoot on-site issues they faced or help answer any questions they had.

“Barry’s HVAC expertise, customer service, and high level of decorum even in stressful situations has been key to the success of our Service Team,” commented Clint Damuth, company president;  “…He has always made himself available and helpful for team members in need, and for that he will certainly be missed. A 46-year career is something to be proud of, and we wish him the very best in retirement!”

Barry and his wife Deborah of 37 years reside in Newport News, VA and they have two adult children, Kelly and Scott. In his free time, Barry enjoys going saltwater fishing and target shooting. On his plans after retirement, Barry shared that he plans to spend time with his grandchildren, do plenty of fishing, and visit family members in Danville, VA and Durham, NC.

On his time with the company and impending retirement, Barry remarked: “It has been an honor and a privilege working for Damuth Trane all these years and I am thankful for everything the company has done for me. While I will miss the work, it is the people here that I will miss the most. The way everyone works together and strives to serve our clients, both internal and external, is truly amazing and I am convinced that Damuth Trane will remain one of the best places to work in Virginia for many more years to come.”