Annette Saylor Celebrates 30 years with Damuth Trane

March 27, 2015

Annette Saylor, Project Coordinator, with Damuth Trane recently celebrated 30 years with the Company. During a recent company-wide celebration, Saylor was commended on her customer service skills, attention to detail and stellar work ethic. "It's an honor to work with someone who exemplifies the true meaning of high-level customer service. Not only our clients but other associates rely on Annette to get the job done," said Clint Damuth, Company President. For almost the entire 30 years, Saylor has worked as project coordinator for Joe DiPaola, one of the Company's sales engineers. "Annette continues to be an asset to the sales team and the Company. She juggles a lot of projects at one time and strives to make sure no details are missed," said DiPaola. Many co-workers commented on Annette's sense of humor and how much they enjoy working with her. Annette Annette Saylor with Clint Damuth, President of Damuth Trane.