USGBC Presents; LEED and Building Energy Codes: Accelerating a Decarbonized Future

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 | 1:00 PM2:00 PM


Net zero goals have become increasingly common over the last year, both in response to increased frequency of natural disasters and awareness of climate change impacts, and as components of integrated COVID-19 economic recovery strategies. In the first nine months of 2020, the number of net zero emissions commitments roughly doubled totaling 823 cities, 101 regions and 1,541 companies. This session will focus on buildings as the top contributor to global CO2 emissions and explore the relationship between net zero carbon goals and building codes and standards.

Despite improvements in building energy use intensity, buildings’ energy demand continues to rise as developing countries enjoy improved access to energy and more buildings are built. Increasing demand for power underscores the foundational roles that enhanced building energy efficiency and electrification play in realizing a sustainable future. Speakers will discuss how LEED v4.1 requirements for energy efficiency and distributed energy resources provide a framework for building industry professionals to advance a decarbonized future, and explore the role of role of federal and local regulations, such as New York City’s Local Law 97, in accelerating this transition.

Reviewing relevant policy and presenting case studies of high-performing, decarbonized green buildings, presenters will identify opportunities for buildings professionals to educate the market, start tough conversations with clients, and position buildings as critical components of the transition to a healthier, more resilient built environment. Attendees will leave the session with a comprehensive understanding of how LEED, green building codes, and motivated building professionals can help to drive sustainable change.

Featured Speakers:

  • Su-Fern Tan, Product Manager - Energy and Sustainability, Prescriptive Data
  • Stefanie Young, Senior Consultant & Manager of Sustainability, Rushing
  • Kyleen Rockwell, Sr. Sustainable Design Engineer, HKS
  • Moderator: Emma Hughes, Product Manager, LEED, USGBC
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