USGBC LEED: Making the Business Case for Better Materials

Thursday, May 13, 2021 | 1:00 PM2:00 PM


There has never been a more important time for materials and resources in buildings. From climate change, to habitat destruction, to threats to human and ecological health, the world faces big challenges. While the building industry is not responsible for all the harms, it does play a role, and, importantly, building materials can provide solutions.

In this session, our expert panel will share the business case for sustainable products, including trends in LEED v4.1 that show products and materials have the ability to transform markets for the better. You will also hear how the design community is prioritizing material choices and demanding higher sustainable performance. Finally, a manufacturer will share their journey towards developing better products that embrace climate smart trends. Join us for a lively discussion about the business case for sustainable materials.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the business case for LEED and the role of building products in LEED certification

2. Articulate how low-carbon, circular and healthy materials are prioritized in LEED and where to find them

3. Learn about the demand for better materials being championed by the design community through the AIA Materials Pledge

4. Hear one manufacturer’s journey towards developing sustainable and regenerative products

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