ABC VA: Secure Your Worth: Legal Strategies to Ensure You Get Paid for Your Work & Materials

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 | 8:00 AM10:00 AM


The construction business is rough and challenging. Getting paid shouldn't be.

Neil Lowenstein, Esq., is a partner with the Vandeventer Black LLP law firm, with over 30 years of experience counseling those in the construction industry, including an understanding of fair compensation and getting properly paid for a job performed.

During this presentation, Neil will give an overview of how the law protects your business and provide you with critical options and strategies for getting paid for your work and materials. You will gain insight on how to save your resources and time, as well as navigate the complicated and confusing process of contract negotiation and payment, including:
• Payment laws affecting when and how you get paid
• Mechanics’ lien and payment bond rights and remedies
• Claims avoidance, preservation, and resolution strategies

This course is intended for all levels of the construction industry, both home office and field personnel.

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Neil Lowenstein, Esq.