Thursday, September 10, 2020 | 11:30 AM1:30 PM

ABC VA Lunch & Learn on Cybersecurity: What All Businesses Need to Do Now


Mr. Darek Dabbs and Mr. Sam Morthland, from Sera-Brynn, a top-tier Cyber Security firm located in Chesapeake, will present a two-part Lunch and Learn to talk about the need for all businesses to think about cyber security; actions to take to secure your systems. The session will cover how the Federal Government, led by the DoD, is requiring compliance to specific cybersecurity standards, how well companies are doing from their perspective, and what actions can be taken to shore up your systems to show compliance.

Every business needs to understand their customers trust them to protect their personal and corporate information. While a business would never knowingly put their customers at risk, lax or lack of appropriate computer security practices do just that and expose customers to threats and possible severe financial loss. Join us to find out how to prevent your company from suffering from a cyber breach.



Darek Dabbs, Chief Technology Officer, Sera-Brynn

Darek Dabbs, CISSP/PCI-QSA, is the Chief Technology Officer at Sera-Brynn, a top-tier Cyber Security firm headquartered in Southeast Virginia.  Mr. Dabbs has over 15 years of experience supporting multi-tiered and highly-classified information security efforts in both the Federal and Private Sector.  He oversees all information security engagements for Sera-Brynn’s Fortune 500, large Healthcare, and Enterprise-level clients.  As Sera-Brynn’s lead PCI Qualified Security Assessor, Mr. Dabbs further manages the company’s PCI and HIPAA assessment efforts.  Mr. Dabbs resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Sam Morthland, Chief Financial Officer, Sera-Brynn

Sam Morthland, PMP, is the Chief Financial Officer at Sera-Brynn, a top-tier Cyber Security firm headquartered in Southeast Virginia. Mr. Morthland has over 30 years of executive, senior managing consultant, and program manager experience integrating client support and corporate business operations across industry and government. In this position, he is responsible for Sera-Brynn’s business strategy, financial risk assessment, and to establish and monitor financial goals, objectives, and budgets. Mr. Morthland has a background in Information Operations, cyber security, policy & strategy, software development, aviation, organizational design and management gained while serving in the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command for 21 years.

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