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Our Team Can Optimize Your New or Existing Systems 

Damuth Trane has a wide breadth of HVAC equipment and controls solutions to provide our clients with complete optimized systems for any facility. Our team can help integrate existing systems into new ones with ease and we offer support throughout the building’s life cycle.

Through our local support and global resources, Damuth Trane can help all of our clients provide comfortable and healthy building environments.commercial hvac build-out virginia

What can we do for Building Owners?

Facility managers can rest assured that systems provided by Damuth Trane’s team will be optimized for a safe and healthy building environment that’s energy efficient. Our systems are reliable and backed by our local support staff through service, training, warranties, and optimization plans to keep your building running smoothly and building occupants happy.

What can we do for Consulting Engineers?

Our in-house engineering staff and technical associates have the latest knowledge on HVAC equipment, HVAC building management systems, and energy solutions. We have the people in place to provide local support so there’s someone to answer your technical questions.  In addition, through our resources with Trane, we have access to design software to help you provide optimized systems for building owners.

Our team includes:

  • Degreed mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Professional Engineers (P.E.)
  • Certified Energy Managers (C.E.M.)
  • LEED A.P.

Finally, our training classes can help design engineers with continuing education on the newest building applications and design codes relevant to HVAC, energy, indoor air quality, ventilation, etc.

What can we do for Mechanical Contractors?

Damuth Trane assists local mechanical contractors with design, project support, and technical information for any kind of commercial building project.  In addition, our parts and supplies team provides HVAC parts for all kinds of equipment once it’s installed.  The parts team can also help contractors save some green through our on-site inventory program so your technicians can get to the job site faster saving you time and money.

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