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What do building professionals want from their building management system? CONTROL.

To make informed building management decisions, facilities professionals need more information than ever before: energy usage, refrigerant records, indoor air quality readings, and the list goes on.

At Damuth, our building automation team is qualified to handle your most challenging jobs. Fusing Trane’s resources with our extensive know-how and capabilities lets us provide custom solutions for your HVAC and lighting management needs.

And with our remote monitoring Tracer system, your building environment is under our watchful eye 24 hours a day. If noticeable changes occur, our technicians respond, often before a problem is discovered.

The building owner’s challenge is to tie components and applications expertise into a single reliable system. A system that provides:

  • Maximum comfort
  • Control
  • Efficiency

Trane’s Integrated Comfort Systemâ„¢ (ICS) combines products and microprocessor based Unit Control Modules (UCM) that are specifically built to work with one another. The UCMs and other control components are factory engineered, installed and tested to ensure consistent, efficient operation. Designed to communicate with a variety of UCMs, Tracer products achieve optimal levels of efficiency and diagnostics that are unmatched by other systems. These advanced controls are fully commissioned and available on every piece of Trane equipment, from the largest chiller to the smallest VAV box. And, Trane ICS components can be tied to equipment and systems originally built by other manufacturers.

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