Damuth Trane Success Story: Canon in Newport News, VA

Canon’s corporate philosophy, Kyosei, means “living and working together for the common good”. The company practices Kyosei by incorporating sustainability in business and facility improvement decisions.

A History of Environmental Responsibility

Canon Virginia’s Production Innovation team focuses on improving processes with an emphasis on their environmental and economic impacts.  For example, the team’s use of powder coating metals with an organic phosphating system earned Canon Virginia the 2008 Governors Environmental Excellence Award from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality as well as the HRSD Pollution Prevention Award because the process reduced environmental impacts in several different ways.  The new process, plaforization, decreased the amount of water and phosphoric acid needed during metal treatment in production.  The new process eliminated water pollution because nothing goes down the drain it also eliminated the need to store tarnished materials containing chemicals.  In addition to removing water from the process, natural gas was also abolished, because no heat is required is required in plaforization.  Finally, the materials used in the process are biodegradeable.  Sustainable ideas such as plaforization are practiced in facility decisions.

Sustainable Facilities

Trane CenTraVac Chiller 2In 2010, Canon Virginia’s facility leaders were faced with the decision of replacing an existing Trane CentraVacTM chiller originally installed in 1989.  In 1994, the machine underwent a refrigerant conversion to R-123 to be more environmentally responsible.  In 2011, the chiller seemed to have reached the end of its life; however, Canon Virginia decided to take advantage of Trane’s R’NewalTM program instead of replacing the entire chiller.  An R’NewalTM replaces the components inside of the machine instead of replacing the entire piece of equipment.

If the machine was completely replaced producing the new chiller and transporting it to Virginia would use additional resources.  In addition, disposal of the existing machine would create an extra environmental impact.

An R’Newal not only saved resources, it further reduced Canon Virginia’s carbon footprint, and was cost effective.  Canon Virginia now also has a more energy efficient machine with newer components.

Trane R’Newal Program

The Trane R’Newal program is a factory-warranty solution to replace worn materials, restore compressor performance, and provide the same assured reliability as seen with a new CenTraVacTM water chiller compressor. It is a program offered for Trane CenTraVacTM water chillers that are 1980 or newer and serviced under a qualifying Trane maintenance contract.

Each CenTraVacTM compressor R’NewalTM is backed with a standard two year parts and labor extended warranty.  The warranty covers compressor motor failure, bearing failure and the lubrication system.


  • Advanced planning – planned event vs. unexpected catastrophic failure
  • Budget – maintenance budget vs. capital expense
  • Saves money – R’newal process is one-tenth of the cost of replacement and one-third of the cost of a major failure.
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