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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Clint Damuth, President of Damuth Trane, is pleased to announce David Wilkins will assume the Contracting Team Leader position at Damuth Trane.

Wilkins said, “I’m looking forward to helping our team continue to grow our capabilities to provide energy solutions to our customers.”

Wilkins, who has been with Damuth Trane since January 2010, has proven his ability to lead while serving as the equipment and controls Sales Team Leader. Also, with over 18 years of experience with Trane in controls sales, controls operations, and oversight of construction operations he is an ideal candidate for the previously vacant position.

Wilkins will begin taking on new responsibilities with the Contracting Operations team immediately. He will also remain as the interim Sales Team Leader while Damuth Trane pursues a replacement.

The contracting department is responsible for Damuth Trane’s retrofit solutions and equipment controls. “I’m also excited about maintaining and sustaining our already high standards in delivering building automation solutions to our customers,” Wilkins noted. Wilkins will be leading and managing the controls systems opportunity.

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      In Scott Harper’s Virginia-Pilot’s article,  “Many of the military’s ‘green’ tools go unseen” he notes how Damuth Trane is helping the local military meet their energy saving goals. 

     “The projects are part of a federal mandate to go green, to modernize old military bases with energy-efficient technologies, clean alternatives and eco-friendly buildings and materials. The Pentagon is spending about $10 billion a year on the task, intended to save money, promote energy independence, increase national security and protect the environment.

            For nervous taxpayers, perhaps the nicest element of the Dam Neck project is that a private company, Damuth Trane, paid for it. No public money was spent upfront. Instead, under an “energy savings performance contract,” Trane footed all construction costs, with the promise of being paid back by the Navy, including a share of the energy savings, as long as the system continues to operate as advertised. So far it has. And then some.”

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – During the annual Virginia Society of Healthcare Engineers (VSHE) Conference in Williamsburg, VA in May, Damuth Trane was honored as the vendor of the year.  The award was accepted by Phil Damuth, Direct Sales Team Leader. 

“We are very proud to accept this award and enjoy our relationship with VSHE,” stated Phil.

Damuth Trane was an integral part of the local chapter’s beginnings and continues to support the organization by hosting meetings and providing support through our people and resources.  This was the second year for the conference and the first year for the award.

In addition to receiving the Vendor of Year Award, Damuth associate, Amanda Elliott received the President’s Award for her role in helping the organization. “Amanda has provided so many services and roles for VSHE that there was no question as to who should receive this honor,” stated Mike Canales, 2010 VSHE President.

Click here to learn more about VSHE or to become a member.

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On March 25, 2011 the Trane HVAC Parts & Supplies Team hosted a special cookout for our friends George and Company in Elizabeth City, NC to say thank you for being a dedicated client.

The event offered a chance for our team to meet everyone at George and Company including the folks in the office who are an integral part of running their everyday operations.  There were corn toss challenges and plenty of good food along with family fun.

The highlight of the event was the arrival of the most interesting vehicle we’ve ever seen – the stretched and lifted out Cadillac driven by one of George & Company’s service technicians.  Can’t say we’ve ever encountered such a cool vehicle. In fact, our resident chef, Bruce “Woody” Woodward couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have his photo taken along side of it. Next time we’ll get a ride around the block.

Thank you to everyone at George and Company for our partnership. We look forward to more cookouts in the future.

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