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We Specialize in Flexible & Scalable Control Solutions

Damuth Trane has over 30 years of building controls, building management systems, industry experience.  We believe in providing flexible and scalable controls solutions to meet our clients needs.

Whether you are looking for a web-based, enterprise wide, integrated control system or a field compatible controller – Damuth Trane has what you’re looking for.

Why Select Damuth Trane?

  • Single Source Simplicity – we coordinate equipment and control solutions so you don’t have to
  • Integrated Comfort Solutions – we provide equipment with factory mounted controls to reduce installation and commissioning time
  • Integration – we have the ability to integrate several building systems into one platform so its easier to use
  • Interoperability – we offer controls that support the leading communications: BACnet and LonTalk
  • Our Team – our people provide the innovative solutions to meet your comfort needs.  We have an excellent staff of designers, technicians and project managers to help you create an optimized system.
  • Training –  local training is available for facility owners who need additional information about your control system.

Damuth Trane Control Options

  • HVAC Controls
  • Card Access / Security
  • Single Building Controls
  • Multiple Building Controls
  • Web-based controls
  • Wireless
  • Sensors
  • Equipment controls
  • Field mounted equipment controls
  • Energy Dashboards
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How have we managed to stay on the leading edge for 40+ years? It's a really cool story.