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Protect Yourself From Unexpected Downtime & Rising Energy Costs

A clean, comfortable and healthy environment is important. No matter what business you’re in a clean, comfortable, healthy environment is important.  Why?

  • Comfortable employees are more productive
  • Students learn better in facilities with properly maintained temperatures and humidity
  • Surgeons must perform life-saving operations in spaces with precise humidity and temperatures
  • Manufacturing plants require special services to maintain safe and reliable processes
  • Tenants rent space that’s clean, comfortable and energy efficient

Damuth Trane’s team can help you to maintain all of these systems with our unique and comprehensive approach to service. We have several options to select from and we can even create customized programs to fit your needs.

  • Preventative Maintenance Plans – These plans keep your facility’s systems running efficiently and smoothly.
  • Predictive Maintenance – Services that provide a crystal ball view into components of your system that are running inefficiently due to wear and tear.
  • Client Services – specialized monitoring of your building and its systems to provide comprehensive trending of systems for constant commissioning.
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