Retro-Commissioning by Damuth Trane involves performance and diagnostic testing of your HVAC equipment, building automation, lighting, life safety and other building systems. The main goal in Retro-Commissioning is to reduce the amount or energy used by the equipment and therefore lower your the energy bills.

When your HVAC system, building automation system, or any other building system performs poorly, your equipment keeps running longer and needs maintenance or replacement, consider Retro-Commissioning for your building. Changing just one unit may seem to be a better idea for the moment, but the quick-fix solutions are not always the best way of saving energy. The problems may lay far beyond replacement a single HVAC unit. The professional analyses by Damuth Trane will uncover and correct problems, defects, and deficiencies in your building system.

Older building in Hampton Roads and other areas were designed without a serous energy saving concern. The Retro-Commissioning can be the key in lowering the use of energy in an older building. Damuth Trane performs thoughtful analyses and testing of your HVAC systems, building automation and all other systems to find the best ways of saving energy.

Contact Damuth Trane to ensure that your building systems are working flawlessly and for additional energy savings.

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