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We Can Keep an Eye on Your Building When & Where You Can’t

If you have times when your building is unoccupied and needs a watchful eye, or if you have areas of your building that you need monitored – we can help. With our intelligent services capabilities, we can keep an eye on your building when you’re not there or in areas you just can’t see.

And, we can help you uncover opportunities to save money, save energy and improve your building’s performance – now and into the future.

Through our three levels of service, facility managers can customize an intelligent services plan to fit your needs.

24/7 Monitoring 24/7 Monitoring
A local representative receives alarms from your building if something goes wrong throughout the day or night.  A member of your team is contacted to put a plan into place for proper response.  If a Damuth Trane technician is needed, one is dispatched right away.
Reporting and Trending Reporting & Trending
If you need particular areas of your building monitored for temperature infractions or rogue zones – we have the capability.  A member of our client services team can obtain information from specific areas of your system to check for inconsistencies and even download information to send to you. Some of these areas could be chiller amperage, fuel use, water flow, static pressure, temperature, humidity, plus more!
Performance Management Performance Management
If you have multiple areas of your building’s systems that need to be metered and recorded, our team can help you. This information can be  used in energy audits  to obtain performance information so energy goals and plans can be put into place.
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