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Our 5-Step Process Can Help You Save Energy Costs

Buildings are living, breathing organisms and sometimes they need to change to accommodate growth or to achieve energy savings. Damuth Trane has the team in place to partner with you through every step of a project.

The Damuth Trane Retrofit Process for commercial HVAC clients

  1. Owner Requirements
  2. Design
  3. Installation
  4. Training
  5. Hand-off

Our HVAC retrofit solutions team can provide support through every step of any project.  We take time to understand your goals and design an energy savings approach to exceed your needs.  Our in-house project managers team are with you throughout the HVAC retrofitting installation phase to ensure that the project goes smoothly.  Once the HVAC retrofitting project is complete, our team can provide on-site commercial HVAC training for any newly installed HVAC equipment and controls for smooth operations.  Finally, we can hand-off the project to you completely or stay on through a service plan to make sure that your comfort and energy needs are achieved.

Types of projects:

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