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Predictive Maintenance Plans Avoid Major Shut Downs

Have you ever wanted a crystal ball to see when something will break down or where you’re losing energy or when a component might fail? If so, predictive services can help you. Through tests our team can assist building owners to avoid major shut-downs before they happen, and often these are also areas of significant energy loss.

After these tests are completed, a report is provided to the facility manager and a Damuth Trane technical associate will assist in making plans for adjustments or needed maintenance.


Thermography uses infra-red technology to detect for abnormalities in heat transfer. When systems break down heat can be lost through steam leaks, compressed air leaks, and many other areas – all of which raise your energy costs. Did you know that a 1⁄2”diameter steam leak can cost as much as $25,000 per month in utility costs!

Our technicians can view your electrical & mechanical systems as well as your building envelope to help you find areas of concern.

Laser Alignment

Sometimes pulleys, motors and gearboxes get worn out. Once wear and tear begins, components run inefficiently and can unexpectedly wear out and cause downtime, which can be a costly occurrence for most businesses. Hospitals can’t perform life-saving procedures; students have to get sent home; employees need to leave due to temperature problems or air quality problems and for manufacturing facilities all processes must cease.

Ultrasonic Analysis

This non-invasive test uses a specialized instrumentation to listen for gas/air leaks, electrical emissions and mechanical faults. By using this test, facility managers can avoid downtime by catching problems before they cause failure.

Vibration Analysis

This is a form of testing that enables early detection of faults in rotating equipment before failure or breakdown. A Damuth Trane technician gathers information and compares it to manufacturer specifications. This form of testing allows building owners to properly plan maintenance so parts can be ordered ahead of component failure.

Eddy Current Testing

This is a form of testing that inspects the wall thickness of tubes using an scientific methods. Through this form of evaluation our technicians can check for cracks, pits or other abnormalities in chiller tubes and barrels. By catching these issues early, building owners can save money on costly leaks and potential downtime.

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