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Damuth Trane was named by the United Way as one of the Top Campaigns in the Construction & Builders Industry and received the Silver Trailblazer award for their efforts to improve lives in the community.

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United Way Silver Trailblazer Award

The recognition was given at the annual luncheon on Thursday, June 7th, with over 500 participants in attendance. The United Way of South Hampton Roads proudly announced over $17 million in contributions were collected during the 2011 campaign year.

“The United Wayis an organization we have been supporting for over 20 years, and will continue to support. We want to do all we can to maintain the health of our community and continue to improve the living conditions,” said Clint Damuth, President of Damuth Trane.

Over $20,000 was raised by Damuth Trane associates during the fall 2011 campaign. To make giving to the United Waya team building opportunity in addition to a philanthropy effort, Damuth Trane created activities for associates that added enthusiasm to the campaign.

These activities included a Halloween costume contest, bake sale, blue jean Fridays, Santa shop and interdepartmental penny wars. All donations were not monetary though, associates participated in the Day of Caring sponsored by the United Way.

The Trailblazer award recipients have minimum donations of $5,000 and five donors. The award reflects a level of achievement in the three areas: participation rate of 60%, per capita gift of $75 per person or higher, average gift of $150 per person or higher. Gold level recipients meet all three criteria, Silver recipients meet two criteria, and Bronze level meet one.

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HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) refers to technology of indoor and automotive environmental comfort. HVAC system design is a major subdiscipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.
When building a new home, or remodeling an existing one the proper size and ducts of your heating and cooling system will improve its performance and efficiency.

Damuth Trane offers HVAC system design and analysis for the optimal performance. Modern HVAC systems combine the efficiency and the reduction in resource requirements, saving energy and money.

We pay great attention to designing the right HVAC system for a building’s main purposes. We perform comprehensive analyses, considering the critical specifications of each building. Successful HVAC design includes careful planning and considering all the factors that could affect the system efficiency.
Our highly trained HVAC design team considers the air supply requirements, weather conditions and piping and duct configurations when designing your custom HVAC system.

We use the latest design software packages to achieve the best results in the efficiency and economy when designing your HVAC system. We offer various options and modeling capabilities to design your HVAC.

Choose Damuth Trane HVAC design team for the best HVAC design for your building. We serve Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Portsmouth, Newport News and surrounding areas.

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Damuth Trane opens the door to a quality HVAC systems for optimized building environments.
HVAC Contracting
When you are designing a new HVAC system for your building, replacing an old one, or retrofitting your existing system, call Damuth Trane HVAC contracting team for assistance.

We offer the best quality HVAC equipment and maintenance. Our highly trained HVAC contracting team is comprised of mechanical engineers, technical associates and project coordinators equipped with the knowledge and resources to meet your needs.

Contact Damuth Trane for designing, retrofitting or replacement of your HVAC system. Quality products and professionalism of one of the best HVAC contracting companies will help you achieve the beset results.

Contact Us Today to Answer Any Questions About Your HVAC Needs. Call (757) 558-0200!

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Perquimans County High School was presented with the Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Award Tuesday, May 22ndby Damuth Trane in recognition of the

Perquimans County School Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

energy conservation efforts by the School Board and Facility Staff.

“They knew they had energy pains,” noted Nick Clark, Account Manager for Damuth Trane, “so we worked together on an ongoing series of projects to help Perquimans County schools save as much as possible.”

Perquimans County School Board and facilities staff began investigating energy usage issues at the high school after high billing concerns during the 2009-2010 school year.

The Board and staff worked with Damuth Trane and Cheatham & Associates to evaluate where energy reductions could be made. Together they designed and employed multiple energy savings projects beginning in June 2010 with the rezoning of class rooms and offices.

The team installed new HVAC energy use limiting projects at the High School, reviewed the schools’ energy policies and became more conscious of the building schedule. These were all key aspects in dramatically conserving energy.

Much of the improvements were paid for using the Building Automation Controls Saving Contract. This allows the school to maintain energy gains while continuing to run the schools’ system properly. Damuth Trane continues to do ongoing energy assessments by to help benchmarking energy improvements and calculate savings.

“As a professional energy services company we recognize the importance of being environmentally responsible. We are proud to be a partner with Perquimans County Schools and to have the opportunity to improve their energy conservation,” commented Clint Damuth, President of Damuth Trane.

Perquimans CountyHigh School’s energy usage has been reduced by more than 30% from when the project first began at the end of the 2009-2010 school year, saving tax payers $73,000.

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An energy audit is a process of designing and analyzing of energy flows for energy conservation in a building. The energy audit is performed to reduce the amount of energy that system is consuming.

The main idea of the energy audit is to save the energy use in a building, maintaining the best possible conditions for human comfort, health and safety.

Energy audit finds all available energy saving opportunities to reduce the use of energy.
The energy audit may vary from a Preliminary level, also called Benchmarking, to Investment-Grade audit with its detailed analytics.

A preliminary level energy audit is a simple analysis of a building’s utility use and costs. Preliminary level energy audit compares the energy use of the building to other similar buildings, reviews energy costs from electric bills, and determines the steps of a more detailed analyses.

The next level of energy audit is a walk-through audit. Depending on the preliminary audit analyses, it identifies all possible simple and low cost energy conservation measures. walk-through audit involves the visual inspection of the equipment and detailed analysis of recorded energy consumption.

Detailed, or General energy audit is based on the results of the prior analysis. This is a deeper level of the energy audit, that is studies the energy use of the facility and breaks it down to determine all the existing ways of saving energy, and provides a quantitative evaluation of the ECOs/ECMs.

The investment-grade audit performs the detailed analysis of capital-intensive modifications. Its detailed energy use report includes all the technical analysis and calibrates them against the annual and daily energy usage to find the most effective ways to save energy.

Damuth Trane provides all levels of energy audit to the companies in Virginia. Energy audit by Damuth Trane can save you a significant amount of money every year, lowering the energy use.

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