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We’ve Provided a Safe and Successful Working Environment in Hampton Roads Since 1970

Our presence in Hampton Roads, Eastern Shore and Northeast North Carolina as a progressive and innovative organization dates back to 1970 when Don Damuth, founder, purchased the Trane Commercial franchise.  Starting with only 9 employees that day Damuth embarked on a journey that led to where we are today — the leading provider of solutions that will help create and sustain a healthy building environment.

Significant milestones:


  • Products – all Trane commercial, residential, industrial and truck refrigeration.
  • Oil shortage – focus turned to providing energy efficient systems (and it remains a focal point).


  • Office building construction boomed!
  • Equipment in existing buildings aged.
  • Expanded the service and parts offerings.
  • Building Automation team was formed.
  • Focus shifted to building systems vs. individual pieces of equipment.


  • Turnkey / Performance Contracting
  • Moved the Parts location to Virginia Beach.  Added wholesaler type products to the portfolio.  (We now have 3 locations.)
  • Headquarters moved to current facility; 50k+ square foot building in Cavalier Industrial Park, Chesapeake.

2000 – Today

  • We remain a family-owned and operated business. In 2003, Don Damuth’s oldest son, Clint, was promoted to President / General Manager after more than 15 years in the business.
  • We employ more than 175 professionals, including over 60 specialized service and controls technicians and 22 certified energy managers.
  • Our goal remains the same:  To provide our clients with the best possible service and be their trusted partner by helping them to maintain a safe, healthy building environment through every phase of a building’s life.
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How have we managed to stay on the leading edge for 40+ years? It's a really cool story.